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Hey there ^^I am a mostly-self-taught artist still in the process of studying. Thank you for visiting :happybounce:
Have a good day :)

Favourite genre of music: rock, J/K-rock, J/K-pop, and others xD (if i like the words the genre doesn't matter that much)
Favourite photographer: well, Suren Manvelyan I guess, ah, also Andreea Retinschi!
Favourite style of art: fantasy, also manga/anime styles, semi realism...
MP3 player of choice: ipod
Favourite cartoon character: well, it's Killua, Eichiro Odas charachters, Conan etc etc :D :D :D :D :D :D
Personal Quote: hmmm...


Happy person by MiamoryHJ
Happy person
Crying? Are you crying?
Ah, is that so? But you are a happy person
You can find the remaining stars
Because you still have your beautiful eyes... 

One more piece inspired by a song :dummy: "Happy Person" by Jo Dong Hee. this was for the OST to "Signal" dorama.
I really loved the lyrics. So I was working on this piece for a long time, cause i didn't have enough time to fully work on it. it's finally ready XD
A little Ghost is comforting a crying boy showing him the stars, cause she doesn't have eyes to see them anymore... this is just my own understanding of the song, based on the drama. ^^

Kor: 울고 있나요 당신은 울고 있나요
그러나 당신은 행복한 사람
아직도 남은별 찾을 수 있는
그렇게 아름다운 두 눈이 있으니
Jap: 泣くの?君、泣くのかい?
I realized that previous journal entry was many many many years ago lol in 2012 O_o. I am not quite the type to write journals, but I thought to update this time XDDD sorry to load your inboxes. onion head 'shame' 

Thought I'd tell why I post so seldom. First of all I found a job, to draw comics, the project didn't launch yet so I can't post anything from that. Then last year I entered Hochschule Darmstadt (h-da) in Germany. And was studying there. It was a great experience. However I need lots of money every year for the visa and that's a big problem. >< So I took a gap year, came back and now I'm working again. That project with comics. It is quite big but we hope to launch it soon. Before coming back I traveled from Germany to Barcelona and Rome :squee: It was a super amazing experience. I am Love..Onion  Barcelona was amaing!!! I always wanted to see Gaudi's works, but there was not only him but many others! it was amazing! Sagrada Familia was really something from another world, very very impressive. I got the same feeling of impressiveness from Cologne's Dome! But of course the gothic style has it's own unique impressiveness that can't compare to anything. Same goes for the Sagrada Familia which had a nature feeling to it and at the same time like something that came out off a fairy tale. The Cathedral of Barcelona was also so impressive and inspiring. I just can't describe all of the impressions in words. XD  And Rome! OMG I saw Sistine Chapel!!! I saw Raphael's works!!! It was amazing! For all the artists out there, if you ever have an opportunity go and see it for yourselves! Loads of inspiration! Looking at photos of their works is no near to seeing it for real! I understood why those great masters were called Masters! :wow: Even if it was hard with all the luggage it was still worth it. I was trying to sit everywhere there because of tiredness but none of that tiredness is left in the memories, only the impressiveness of all. Soooo Cute..Onion 
So while studying there I started to study dynamic sketching which is amazing for learning to draw! I totally recommend it. Also studying other stuff. Now that I am back I want to focus on my studies. I need to level up my skills. I will also resume learning Japanese, and start learning Korean. And work of course, I need to earn money to continue my studies. And there is LOTS of work to do now, because not only the old project but also we are starting a new project. Onionhead studying hard - Onion head  This is like a resolution, and by posting it, I am making myself to do it LOL XDDD :dummy:  I also want to try to post here often, but I don't promise this one. A lot of time I draw stuff and then post it here much later. Or leave lots of stuff as WIP to continue later. But I'll try to do as much as I can. 
P.S. right now it's so hot here so it' hard to do anything Onionhead melting - Onion head Onion is sweating 

So to all of you AJA AJA FIGHTING!! Let's do our best in whatever we are doing. Onionhead hero - onion head Onionhead cheerleader - Onion head Great job ! 
  • Listening to: tsubasa wo kudasai
  • Eating: cookie :D
Leaving In Search For My Dreams by MiamoryHJ
Leaving In Search For My Dreams
"The traces of myself from yesterday
They leave to find my dreams above in the blue sky"

Inspired by the lyrics of a korean song - Han Hee-jung (한희정) – Tomorrow (내일).
i really loved this part of the lyrics. saying that parts of myself leave in search for my dreams above the blue sky, so in the end what is left is an empty shell, that has nothing left inside, because everything already left to a different land. Well the lyrics are not exactly like this but this is what I see in those lyrics and quite relate to it. xD 

Drawn in Clip Paint Studio/SAI/PS. about 2 months ago. I just didn't have time to post it. Hope you like it ^^

the korean lyrics are the following -
어제 걷던 나의 흔적들은

푸르른 하늘 위로
나의 꿈을 찾아 떠나고
eoje geoddeon na.ui heunjeokdeureun
pureureun haneul wiro
na.ui kkumeul chaja tteonago
Frustrated by MiamoryHJ
Just a sketch i drew to express that feeling, when you know more than the character in a movie or a drama, and know they are doing the worst mistake they can do >< gosh! 
I had this feeling recently in a korean drama Mirror of the Witch. Goodness when people tell you don't come out they know something more ><

don't know korean yet, but this word that expresses this well sounds like "taptaphea"><
Xavia: Ghost Dance by MiamoryHJ
Xavia: Ghost Dance
Decided to enter a character contest :dummy:!! Actually I liked this character :) so I wanted to draw her. She is a ghost, who wanted to be a dancer when alive, that is why she doesn't have legs, but she is dancing. :heart: Tried out a new coloring technique here. In the end i screwed up the hands >< but I had no idea what to with them anymore, so uploading like this. Hope you like it. :) 
link to the contest:…

Used this amazing dance photo as a reference for the pose by… I really love the dance series here :aww:
Done in SAI, Photoshop and Clip paint studio lol xD so many xD in photoshop used mostly brushes by Jonas De Ro, and a star brush from Yuumei.

Xavia belongs to :iconabbysol:
Artwork by me :iconmiamoryhj:

P.S. I have lots of unfinished work by now >< trying to finish them up between work XD
O_O oh my GOD!!! O_O :omfg: I won the second place in the international comic festival in Armenia O_O *shock*. i didnt expect to win anything, lol i even forgot about that contest as a conest. i was more focused on the master-classes. My story passed, and now we are going to creat a comic during those classes. French pro comic artists will lead us during that process :D. i went to the first lesson, and they told me that i wont the second place in the contest lol that was a real shock. i still cant believe it.
The winning work was O_O, but the armenian version of caurse.

but i guess its time to say YAAAAAY!!!!!!!!! :hooray:
  • Listening to: tsubasa wo kudasai
  • Eating: cookie :D

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